Will Melanotan 2 Ever Rule the World?

Will Melanotan Ever Rule Earth?

Will Melanotan 2 Ever Rule the World?

MT2, has been utilized by a wide variety of individuals looking to achieve the best tanning results. But, will Melanotan 2 ever rule the world? In this article, we’ll look at who is utilizing MT2 and what the current regulatory landscape looks like.

What is MT2?

MT2 is a synthetic peptide that researchers have utilized with varying results. In a recent study, MT2 was demonstrated to reverse autism in mice. Another research paper shows topical MTII capable of suppressing melanoma. One study shows onset of hypothermia in mice by mast cell activation.

Hypothermia in mice can be induced by many drugs (see Ref. 9 and references therein). For the vast majority of compounds, the mechanisms are not known. Here we show that MTII-induced hypothermia is caused by mast cell activation, histamine release, and agonism at H1 receptors (Fig. 11).


How is MT2 regulated?

Melanotan 2 is not legal to be purchased or sold for human consumption outside of clinical research. Rather, in some countries may be purchased for human use with a doctor’s prescription. It’s always best to check what the laws in your area say in regard to Melanotan 2 injectables.

Will Melanotan 2 Ever Rule the World?

While the current research is mostly exciting, MT2 isn’t quite ready to be a mainstream product. More research should be accomplished regarding the long term results of utilizing this synthetic peptide. More universities are needed to engage in achieving the research about Melanotan 2.

There are many opportunities to learn about the potential benefits and possible risks associated with using Melanotan 2. You can rest assured that Tantra Health and Beauty will keep you up to date as we report on these future findings!

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