Who wants a tan anyway?

I was sitting in the hospital waiting on my husband to have his colonoscopy, a LOT of nurses and Doctors passed by me and commented on my beautiful tan and, of course, wanted to know how I was able to get such a great dark natural tan being blond and blue eyed.  As I held court in the waiting area behind the curtain, I explained to knowledgeable professionals how Melanotan II works and why.  They were amazed and several said “set me up”.  The reluctant few said they wanted to see how it works on the others before deciding.  I’m here to tell you that MTII “works” for everyone, and in very short order, with some marvelous side effects….you lose your appetite and almost all clain the cure of erectile dysfynction.  Great side effects, huh?
Only one of the Doctors said “why would anyone want a tan anyway” to which none of the other speechless attendees could even begin to explain the answer to that comment.
I can come up with a dozen reasons to have a great tan….can’t you?