This IS the correct answer.

Doing my research this morning…this was the best answer they could come up with at the time. Here is another one. Sun tan lotion DOES NOT prevent you from getting burned unless it has a high SPF and you use it regularly and avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays. Lotion does moisturize your skin and moist skin absorbs light where dry skin reflects light. Many tanning oils also have SPF to protect from limited amounts of UV rays, however, oil is not the moisturizer that lotion is for the skin. Oil has micro reflectors that creates more effects from the UV rays. and contrary to popular belief, it
IT IS SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a sunburn to TURN into a tan. Once that skin is damaged, it’s coming off and perhaps what is remaining underneath is tanned….but that burned skin will not turn into a tan.
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What is the difference between sun tan lotion and tanning lotion?

This IS NOT the correct answer….

Sun tan lotion prevents you from getting burnt. But if you use tanning oil you have a tremendously high rate for getting sun burnt because its not meant to prevent it.