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Maintaining one’s skin is important as it is the body’s largest organ and is constantly exposed to harmful conditions. Healthy skin care products are the key. Whether it’s UV rays, chemicals, toxins, irritants, allergens, or a host of other things, being aware is critical for protection. Using healthy skin products protects against one of the greatest risks to robust skin, UV rays, both UVA and UVB. They both are harmful and can lead to skin cancers, early aging and wrinkles.

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It’s Summer Time, and that means it’s time to get your tan on! While most knowledgeable people strive to achieve a balanced total body tan, consideration into planning your tan produces the most likely effect of symmetry. For the purpose of research – and to share my decades worth of personal knowledge in the tanning industry, let’s take a look at some case study photographs of individuals pursuing the perfect tan and how melanotan 2 produces balanced tanning efforts….

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 The American Dermatological Association REALLY does not want us  to get in the sunlight at all.  And now we realize the valuable  properties of exposure to the sun (vitamin D) and the ways to prevent the skin  cancer of the past (moderation, high quality sunscreen, etc.).  Also now we know that the sun we get today  can rear its ugly head twenty or so years down the road IF WE DO NOT  TAKE PROPER CARE.  What has been done, has been done.  There…

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This is how tanning salon owners want you to think about tanning. As written in Smart Tan Magazine: Tanning takes place in the skin’s outer layer: the epidermis. About 5% of the cells in your epidermis are special cells called melanocytes. When exposed to UVB light, melanocytes produce pinkish colored melanin that is absorbed by other skin cells. When exposed to UVA light, the melanin darkens. This darkening is your skin’s natural way of protecting itself from sunburn.  The…

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