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 The American Dermatological Association REALLY does not want us  to get in the sunlight at all.  And now we realize the valuable  properties of exposure to the sun (vitamin D) and the ways to prevent the skin  cancer of the past (moderation, high quality sunscreen, etc.).  Also now we know that the sun we get today  can rear its ugly head twenty or so years down the road IF WE DO NOT  TAKE PROPER CARE.  What has been done, has been done.  There…

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I’ve visited the tanning salon a few time to boost the results, my legs are starting to brown. this stuff is the bomb. I plan on taking it every spring and in the summer now. my gf wants some too, and others have asked. Once I’m back into school a little and things come back to normal, we will have to discuss things further. You will definitely have a full report from me after I’m finished with this.  MMA Fighter,…

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Scientists have now mapped the exact points where Vitamin D interacts with more than 200 genes, unlocking more of the mechanism by which natural levels of ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ are related to overall health, according to a study published this week in the medical journal Genome Research. “Scientists have mapped the points at which vitamin D interacts with our DNA — and identified over two hundred genes that it directly influences,” medical news web site reported this week….

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