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Just read a great article from the Dallas Morning News by Jamie Hancock. She interviewed several dermatologists and skin care specialists. The basic message is with skin care less is usually more. The buzzwords these days are “all natural and organic”. Just because something is natural does not mean it works as an agent for skin care. Lime juice is good for exfoliation but with exposure to sun it can cause blistering. If something is natural and it works…

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It seems every day that another article or blog shows up in the news or online warning about the dangers of sunburns…….read more  

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On May 1st  Ontario began enforcing a new law regulating tanning beds. It is primarily aimed at those under 18 years of age. Known as Bill 30, Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds), the law makes Ontario the eighth province to regulate tanning beds and also restricts advertising aimed at the under-18 market.

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About six years ago I began researching Melanotan 2 (MT2) and soon after began using it to achieve a beautiful tan and my skin has gotten much healthier with far less exposure to the sun. I was never satisfied with the look of any other sunless tanning methods.

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