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A recent press release form the University of California-San Diego report shows even more positive findings about Vitamin D and the benefits associated with the prevention of breast cancer. “Vitamin D metabolites increase communication between cells by switching on a protein that blocks aggressive cell division,” said Cedric F. Garland, DrPH. “As long as vitamin D receptors are present tumor growth is prevented and kept from expanding its blood supply. Vitamin D receptors are not lost until a tumor…

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 WHAT CAN SALON OWNERS SAY ABOUT SUN TANNING CURRENTLY WITH THE REGULATORS CRACKING DOWN HARD ON THE INDOOR SUN TANNING INDUSTRY? Not much…really.  There is a lot on conflicting information out there about UV light today, and many people are justifyably confused.  You must be sure that the information you share with your clients in valid and approved in order to pass it on…. and the information changes regularly.  There are risks with almost anything we do in life and tanning…

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  Mercola: Tanning Prevents Cancer   Monday, April 16th, 2012   The internet’s most-read health-education web site is promoting indoor tanning as a healthy activity — pointing to a recent published medical review claiming the benefits of regular UV exposure far outweigh the risks associated with overexposure. Mercola.com — the health-education web site run by Dr. Joseph Mercola — published an essay reviewing a peer-reviewed research paper in the journal Public Health Nutrition supported by the Norwegian Cancer Society…

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Scientists have now mapped the exact points where Vitamin D interacts with more than 200 genes, unlocking more of the mechanism by which natural levels of ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ are related to overall health, according to a study published this week in the medical journal Genome Research. “Scientists have mapped the points at which vitamin D interacts with our DNA — and identified over two hundred genes that it directly influences,” medical news web site PhysOrg.com reported this week….

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