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 The American Dermatological Association REALLY does not want us  to get in the sunlight at all.  And now we realize the valuable  properties of exposure to the sun (vitamin D) and the ways to prevent the skin  cancer of the past (moderation, high quality sunscreen, etc.).  Also now we know that the sun we get today  can rear its ugly head twenty or so years down the road IF WE DO NOT  TAKE PROPER CARE.  What has been done, has been done.  There…

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Can I just say, that from the initial approach to sale and shipping of the product, that this has without a doubt been the most enjoyable process of purchase that I have undergone in a very long time. You guys absolutely rock and I will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen. I am sure we will speak again soon. Kindest regards, Daryl Payne Dubai, UAE

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WAIT !!!! DON’T GET IN THE TANNING BED JUST YET. Start your loading phase of Tantra’s Maximum Strength MTII for a few days before your first session of the year and you will not believe what will happen.  Because the MTII has already started stimulating the melanocytes to produce more melanin, which darkens your skin, before you ever fully expose yourself to UV rays, you’ll be able to stay much longer much faster and get WAY darker.  It gets…

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Last night we went to Quaker Steak to watch the UFC on PPV.  I guess it’s the first time this year I have been in public without being all bundled up and it caused a stir.  We were having the finals for the ring girl contest for the Quest for Glory event on March the 24th when one of the finalist asked about my tan and had I been to the beach?  I told her that I had not…

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