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A layer of your skin is about as thin as an onion skin. The life of a layer of skin is about four to twenty one days.   How you treat the surface layer of the skin determines the life span. When your skin is exposed to UV rays, either from the sun or tanning


This past May was the second annual Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month. The focus of the campaign is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles that help to prevent development of breast cancer through diet, exercise and exposure to sunshine. Fundraisers  were also  held to raise funds in support of the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation 

Why Some Tan All Year Round

This is the beginning of a unusual time of the year for seasonal, as well as, annual sun worshipers. Some people consider a deep dark summer tan to be too extreme for the cold days of winter and I have to admit that I agree…..somewhat. There are times when a skin color enhancement is extremely

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