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Just read a great article from the Dallas Morning News by Jamie Hancock. She interviewed several dermatologists and skin care specialists. The basic message is with skin care less is usually more. The buzzwords these days are “all natural and organic”. Just because something is natural does not mean it works as an agent for skin care. Lime juice is good for exfoliation but with exposure to sun it can cause blistering. If something is natural and it works…

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About six years ago I began researching Melanotan 2 (MT2) and soon after began using it to achieve a beautiful tan and my skin has gotten much healthier with far less exposure to the sun. I was never satisfied with the look of any other sunless tanning methods.

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It’s Summer Time, and that means it’s time to get your tan on! While most knowledgeable people strive to achieve a balanced total body tan, consideration into planning your tan produces the most likely effect of symmetry. For the purpose of research – and to share my decades worth of personal knowledge in the tanning industry, let’s take a look at some case study photographs of individuals pursuing the perfect tan and how melanotan 2 produces balanced tanning efforts….

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 WHAT CAN SALON OWNERS SAY ABOUT SUN TANNING CURRENTLY WITH THE REGULATORS CRACKING DOWN HARD ON THE INDOOR SUN TANNING INDUSTRY? Not much…really.  There is a lot on conflicting information out there about UV light today, and many people are justifyably confused.  You must be sure that the information you share with your clients in valid and approved in order to pass it on…. and the information changes regularly.  There are risks with almost anything we do in life and tanning…

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