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This past May was the second annual Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month. The focus of the campaign is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles that help to prevent development of breast cancer through diet, exercise and exposure to sunshine. Fundraisers  were also  held to raise funds in support of the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation  (BCNPF), an organization focused on cancer prevention though healthy lifestyles choices, particularly by correcting the epidemic vitamin D deficiency that exists today. Hundreds of…

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Regardless of the lotion you use for tanning or the spray you have applied, it will produce results on the top layer of your skin.  The top layer of healthy skin sloughs off every 15 to 21 days.  Unhealthy skin like that which has been overexposed to UV rays, will slough off much faster at a rate of about every four days.  So your tan can only last as long as your layer of skin stays on. If you…

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