Sunshine in Belize

My friend left Saturday for a weeks visit with her sister in Belize.  I heard from her today via email.  She said they spent most of the day on the boat yesterday and she only got a little burned.  She is very close to the equaitor there as compared to here; five hours from any coast line, and it was the first time her fair skin had seen the light of day this year.

I told her the best thing to do for overexposed skin is to take a tepid shower and NOT put moisturizer on.  The moisturizer holds in the heat.  I also suggested she take Tylonol and drink lots of water to hydrate her skin.

She started doing her research with MTII six (6) days prior to her departure and is keeping notes of her results along the way.  I’ll share that information with you when she gets back.  I don’t want to think what would have happen to her after a full day on the water had she not started with MTII before she left.