Smarter Tanning

Smarter Tanning

An overwhelming majority of indoor tanning business owners say that tanning businesses are teaching a balanced message to customers about the risk of over exposure to UV light – a key reason why tanning is being more honest about UV than the cosmetic dermatology and chemical sunscreen industries.

Where the rubber meets the road, professional tanning businesses do a better job of teaching overall sun care than those who are preaching one-sided sun avoidance. Cosmetic dermatology and chemical sunscreen companies are teaching that all sunlight should be avoided – which is both alarmist and potentially harmful says Joe Levy, President of Smart Tan.

Cosmetic dermatology still fails to acknowledge that a suntan is effective at helping the body prevent sunburn. As is well known, a tan does not cause skin cancer, sun burning can. When the body produces enough melanin to prevent burning then the skin becomes tanned.

The only product I am familiar with that is currently on the market is called Melanotan II or MTII which causes the body to produce more melanin than it is genetically capable of doing on its own and thereby prevents burning. MTII or MelanotanII is available in the US.

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