At Tantra, we care about your skin and strive to offer the highest quality supplements to enhance your tanning experience. In conjunction with Douglas Laboratories, a leader in pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals, we have formulated SkinLife! SkinLife is a blend of nutrients targeting multiple aspects of skin health.

L- Tyrosine: This is an amino acid, which is a protein component. L-tyrosine is used by the body to make melanin, which is the compound which gives skin cells their deeper pigment. Note: Tyrosine should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing or by persons taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI’s).

Beta-carotene: This is a dietary source of vitamin A. Studies show that it reduces skin redness and irritation in sun-sensitive persons after UV exposure. Data also suggests that beta-carotene may promote eye health and have a role in preventing some cancers.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is a major anti-oxidant which has multiple roles. In addition to its function in many metabolic processes and immune support, vitamin C also promotes synthesis of collagen, which is important in skin structure and healing.

Biotin: This B vitamin is essential for many processes of human metabolism. It is known to support nail growth and strength and may also support hair structure.

Zinc: This is an essential trace mineral which has roles in skin health and wound healing, in addition to function of many hormones and the immune system.

Selenium: This mineral is also essential for health and supports healthy skin as well as having antioxidant activity. Selenium plays a role in immune support, detoxification and cardiovascular health.

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