Tantra Melanotan II  is constantly scanning all medical and research group information along with conducting studies to help you determine the smartest way to achieve a very noticeable glowing darkening of the skin ALL OVER.  Tantra Maximum MTII can get as dark as YOU like and last for about four months although I keep my color year round.

The latest news on Sun Protection Factor (SPF), that dermatologists and scientists agree on, is that SPF 100 is no more effective than any other.  This means all SPF numbers have been considered as an advertising hype according to experts.  Epidemiology professor, Dr. Martianne Berwick says the SPF numbers are little more than a gimmick.

A survey by the Environmental Working Group finds most sunscreens have begun to comply with the new federal requirements but the ban on using "Waterproof" on labelling has not changed even though the FDA states that it is misleading.