Not much…really.  There is a lot on conflicting information out there about UV light today, and many people are justifyably confused.  You must be sure that the information you share with your clients in valid and approved in order to pass it on…. and the information changes regularly.  There are risks with almost anything we do in life and tanning is no exception.  It is the responsibility of the industry to make quality products and equipment available along with the information needed to make an educated decision.You can't say that anything is safer but you can say something is smarter.  Sometimes semantics enable a less than quality product to squeeze under the radar of credibility.

So now you can be told how long you are allowed to pay and lay and how often and then not only pay for that service but then also add a 10% tax to it.  Most states do not have tax added to any service, only  items.  It's a great service that the Department of Health and Environmentol Control provides for salons to see that they stay in compliance with the rules and regulations of that state. (The rules are different in each state).  This has weeded out the salons that weren't really salons but mayby a video store or car wash where they had put the bed in and lamped it once and never replaced the bulbs and are just selling sessions of light.  The bulb does not burn out when the tanning portion of the bulb wears out…so you really never know until four hours after the session if the bulbs were good or not.

Something you might want to consider is a new, almost futuristic, way to darken your skin, without harming the skin.  Developed and patented and approved many years ago, but never went into production, was a medication intended for prevention of skin cancer, obesity and erectile dysfunction.  Today it is available for Research Only through Tantra Health and Beauty.  The side effect of this formula is that it caused darkening of the skin by way of causing your melanocytes to produce more melanin than genetically possible previously.  By producing more melanin (the stuff that turns brown and keeps you from burning) you can get as dark as you would like with your own color that will last about four months should you ever decide to stop.  I am on my fifth or sixth year and I have only stopped once during the dead of winter and now I just slow down and not stay as dark in the winter.  All you need is a little UVB to kickstart the production of melanin.  Go to your local tanning salon and get the smallest, least pricey UVB starter package of about five (5) three (3) minute sessions.   There is a tremendous difference in the quality of the product available on line usually and unfortunately indicated by the price which indicates value.  Before making your decision, go to the site that has been providing the highest quality and the only one that has Maximum strength, for about five years now…