Personal Observation

You know how your face is the first sign that your MTII is starting to work? Right? And, that your legs are the last as it usually takes two to three vials to get the legs as dark as the face?  After two+ years of conducting research with MTII, I have discovered that now my legs stay dark no matter what.  To give you a couple of examples:
Last weekend, I SAT on a boat in the sun for six hours and #1, I did not burn anywhere and did not use sunscreen and #2, the backs of my legs that I was setting on remained as dark as the front of my legs which were exposed for six hours.  I did not have any strap lines on my shoulders or white circles around my eyes from sunglasses.  So, I started thinking about this melanin spreading phenomonen and took my thoughts a step further.
Every day around 4:00, I swim laps in the pool for at least an hour.  All that is exposed is my face and yet, my legs and arms are now the darkest part.  (Swimming is usually the only time I get exposure of UV to my skin. (The boat trip was an exception)
So what I am saying is that you do not have to sunbathe and rub lotion and flip and lay on your side and etc…. to get an even tan.  After a brief time of conducting research with MTII, I have discovered that the color will spread within the day to a perfect tan all the way around and the freckles I once had in the beginning are GONE or have at least blended undetectably with my tan.