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I have a friend that sells MT2. So I thought I would give it a try. This after one week of use.
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    • Mary Peden It usually takes me about a month to get to this stage. I haven’t even used the tanning bed yet. This is the 3rd time that I have laid out in the sun.

      Sunday at 5:23pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Rick Moser ahhhhhh very…………… tanned,lol

      Sunday at 5:24pm · 
    • Mary Peden 3 days, no tanning bed!!!

      Sunday at 5:25pm · 
    • Jimmy Greene They’re nice 🙂

      Sunday at 5:27pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Chris Elliott Mountain tops, valley below!

      Sunday at 5:34pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Chris Elliott Btw…tanning bed is ok, but real sun is key, you will literally watch your self get darker. If you need more call me.

      Sunday at 5:39pm · 
    • Gina Jackson Bracken Damn girl! I want to look like you!

      Sunday at 5:41pm · 
    • Mary Peden If Chris??? I think Im hooked!! Give me the number!

      Sunday at 5:42pm · 
    • Mary Peden Thanks Gina, Jimmy and Chris!!!

      Sunday at 5:43pm · 
    • Bryan Race Mary nice tan blessings to you and yours

      Sunday at 6:14pm · 
    • Mary Peden Thanks Bryan!!

      Sunday at 6:30pm · 
    • Talichia Ellenburg Is that the melanotan 2 tan injections?

      Sunday at 7:33pm · 
    • Mary Peden Yes, sure is! Talichia you would be a great candidate for MT2 too!

      Sunday at 7:35pm · 
    • Talichia Ellenburg That’s funny that you posted this today… I just got a hd spray tan yesterday! Lol I might try it!

      Sunday at 7:37pm · 
    • Mary Peden Let me know and ill get you the link to Mari’s page

      Sunday at 7:39pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Reggie Christopher Jr wHO SAID THE OWL ?

      Sunday at 8:16pm · 
    • Kerre Patterson Howard i told you it was good…

      Sunday at 8:17pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Mary Peden I know you did kerre. Everybody said it, that’s why I tried it, lol

      Sunday at 8:22pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Mike Dowd Wow!!

      Sunday at 8:43pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Charles Hightower nice feet

      Sunday at 9:04pm · 
    • Mary Peden Thanks Charles and Mike!!

      Sunday at 9:06pm · 
    • Charles Hightower let me know if u need a free foot rub….lol

      Sunday at 9:07pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Gerry Norris i like that

      Yesterday at 9:59am · 
    • Mari Melehes Remember, all MTII is NOT the same. Most is made in China and is only 98% pure. Gotta get it fromwww.tantrahealthandbeauty.com or Chris Elliott for Made in USA MTII maximum strength.

      Yesterday at 10:51am ·  ·  1 person
    • Mari Melehes or look for the girl with the killer tan…Sherry Cook McCormick. She’s got your MTII and the SkinLife supplements.

      21 hours ago · 
    • Stacy Styles Very classy picture! Lol

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