CDC Skin Rates by Race per 100,000 Population

skin cancerThe CDC has published rates for skin cancers by race as follows: White – 22 per 100,000 Asian – 4 per 100,000 Hispanic – 4 per 100,000 Asian/Pacific – 2 per 100,000 Black – 1 per 100,000 What this tells us is that the more melanin a person has in their epidermis the less chance they have for skin cancer. As a pharmacist I can tell you that skin cancers are not going to go away. Our love of the activities that take us into the great outdoors supercedes our fear of getting skin cancer. Oh sure, we put on our sun blocks when we go to the beach or play golf. But do we put on these sun blocks every time time go out side? Of course not. And because we don’t the effect of sun exposure is accumulative. So what can a person do to increase the melanin in the epidermis? One way is to research a product called Melanotan II or MT II. This synthetic version of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) can genetically increase the amount of melanin in the skin.