One of our research clients for tanning that has been using Tantra MTII for her research has claimed that it has been helping tremendously with her MS.  She states that it has improved function, mobility and inflammation.  This is new GREAT news that our team is looking forward to bringing you more complete researched information.

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This IS the correct answer.

THIS IS THE CORRECT ANSWER Doing my research this morning…this was the best answer they could come up with at the time. Here is another one. Sun tan lotion DOES NOT prevent you from getting burned unless it has a high SPF and you use it regularly and avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays. Lotion does moisturize your skin and moist skin absorbs light where dry skin reflects light. Many tanning oils also have SPF to protect from limited…

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Start the Season off Right

WAIT !!!! DON’T GET IN THE TANNING BED JUST YET. Start your loading phase of Tantra’s Maximum Strength MTII for a few days before your first session of the year and you will not believe what will happen.  Because the MTII has already started stimulating the melanocytes to produce more melanin, which darkens your skin, before you ever fully expose yourself to UV rays, you’ll be able to stay much longer much faster and get WAY darker.  It gets…

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