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On May 1st  Ontario began enforcing a new law regulating tanning beds. It is primarily aimed at those under 18 years of age. Known as Bill 30, Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds), the law makes Ontario the eighth province to regulate tanning beds and also restricts advertising aimed at the under-18 market.

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About six years ago I began researching Melanotan 2 (MT2) and soon after began using it to achieve a beautiful tan and my skin has gotten much healthier with far less exposure to the sun. I was never satisfied with the look of any other sunless tanning methods.

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It’s Summer Time, and that means it’s time to get your tan on! While most knowledgeable people strive to achieve a balanced total body tan, consideration into planning your tan produces the most likely effect of symmetry. For the purpose of research – and to share my decades worth of personal knowledge in the tanning industry, let’s take a look at some case study photographs of individuals pursuing the perfect tan and how melanotan 2 produces balanced tanning efforts….

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Staph infection flare ups are of the most degrading afflictions. It leaves the victim feeling fatigued and covered in open oozing sores. During one of my searches for some relief (I was thinking a second opinion, from the other side of the country) I was blessed in discovering the following article, which has proven to provide me with some relief. One day I'm certain diseases like MRSA and Staph will one day be as treatable as a common headache,…

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