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There are many variables to consider when choosing exfoliants and I hope you will find the following information to be very interesting and help you in making smarter decisions on how you need to treat your largest organ, your skin. Exfoliants are important in maintaining a healthy epidermis. There are many factors that come into play when choosing exfoliants.

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An article in USA TODAY on July 29th offers loads of information on the harmful effects of UV rays and the danger of skin cancer. It is the first time a Surgeon General has issued such a direct statement concerning tanning and tanning beds. A new regulation will require labeling on tanning beds advising those under 18 years-of-age to avoid them completely. To read the full article go to USA TODAY.

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Just read a great article from the Dallas Morning News by Jamie Hancock. She interviewed several dermatologists and skin care specialists. The basic message is with skin care less is usually more. The buzzwords these days are “all natural and organic”. Just because something is natural does not mean it works as an agent for skin care. Lime juice is good for exfoliation but with exposure to sun it can cause blistering. If something is natural and it works…

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We’ve been marketing to a new crowd recently and it seems to be a very good possibility. Bikers suffer serious skin damage, especially to the face. Nothing damages skin like UV rays and wind.

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