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March is behind us and hopefully the crazy winter of 2014 is history. Getting outdoors is on our minds and a little preparation is a good thing. Whether you're spending time in the garden, on the golf course, playing some tennis or headed to the beach, you need to be thinking about your skin. Healthy tanning takes preparation!

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Information on why you should avoid sunburn at all costs from WebMD: You lie out in the sun hoping to get a golden tan, but instead walk away from your lounge chair with a sunburn looking like a lobster that's been left in the pot too long. Despite health warnings about sun damage, many of us still subject our skin to the sun's burning rays. More than one-third of adults and nearly 70% of children admit they've gotten sunburned within the past…

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As Reported by Dr Mercola at www.mercola.com Spray tans are generally considered to be benign cosmetic treatments — but are they REALLY? Sunless tanners contain a lengthy list of chemical agents — up to 45 in the case of spray tanners. Many of these agents have never been studied for their long-term effects on human health, because the FDA does not systematically review the safety of personal care products. Since testing is voluntary and controlled by the manufacturers, many…

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Six years ago, prior to my beginning research with Tantra MTII, I would say that “my skin is so white it has a blue tinge to it”.  Today, for the first time this year, we got outside in shorts and the great GASP could be heard for miles as everyone started calling each other PINKY, except for me, of course.  I started my loading phase of Tantra MTII about three weeks ago, and because my skin is now so educated to…

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