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Most importantly – Melanotan II provides your skin with more melanin which should help to prevent sunburn due to overexposure.

We believe that Melanotan II is capable of reducing UV radiation exposure and benefits the skin in producing an evener distribution of melanin.

The effects of Melanotan II should be studied further and reported widely. Potentially, this could be anything from preventative care against cancer to a viable therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Tantra MTII Kits include one sterile water, three 10-pack sealed syringes, and three 10 Mg vials MTII.

What is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II was discovered by accident during testing. It differs slighting from Melano-tan in biomechanical structure but retains the same melanin-producing qualities.

It also aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Levine said that benefit cannot normally be tested in the United States, but the team received approval for a Physician Sponsored Investigated New Drug Application, which allowed limited evaluation of the hormone’s effectiveness in this capacity.

UA-developed synthetic hormones speed a tan | College |


Check out these conditions of use before you buy Melanotan II and also look at the frequently asked questions. If you think you’d like to research the potential of Melanotan II then use the form below to purchase a starter kit.


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1 Water, 3×10-Pack Sealed Syringes, 3×10 Mg Vials MTII

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Why do people love Melanotan II?

I’ve visited the tanning salon a few time to boost the results, my legs are starting to brown. This stuff is the bomb. I plan on taking it every spring and in the summer now. My gf wants some too, and others have asked. Once I’m back into school a little and things come back to normal, we will have to discuss things further. You will definitely have a full report from me after I’m finished with this.

 -MMA Fighter, Jake Tubbs

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