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Buy Melanotan 2 MT2

Get Darker Than Ever! Most importantly – you will be providing your skin with more melanin which helps to prevent sunburn due to overexposure.

Why do people love Melanotan2?

Tantra Health and Beauty provides the highest quality supplements and tanning products to those seeking a healthy lifestyle. We promise to deliver the safest products possible via superior customer service and uncompromising dedication to quality.

We believe that Melanotan 2 is capable of reducing uv radiation exposure and benefits the skin in producing a more even distribution of melanin. This is what Melanotan 2 was initially developed to achieve when researchers at the University of Arizona first synthesized it.

We specialize only in Melanotan 2 peptide research as our background is weighted heavily in the tanning industry, and we have owned and operated tanning salons in the past. We’ve seen first hand the damage tanning beds and dangerous amounts of sun exposure can cause. Because of these dangers, we wholeheartedly believe Melanotan 2 could provide protection against the harmful exposure of excessive uv radiation.

Our Melanotan 2 starter kit is a good way to research the benefits of MT2 Melanotan.

“I’ve visited the tanning salon a few time to boost the results, my legs are starting to brown. This stuff is the bomb. I plan on taking it every spring and in the summer now. My gf wants some too, and others have asked. Once I’m back into school a little and things come back to normal, we will have to discuss things further. You will definitely have a full report from me after I’m finished with this.” 
MMA Fighter, Jake Tubbs



  • 1 Water
  • 3×10 Mg Vials MTII
  • 3×10-Pack Sealed Syringes